This privacy policy governs your use of the software application Diggin'HK for mobile devices that was created by Diggin' Limited. Diggin'HK is an application which gathers the information of streetdance for user to have comprehensive access. It allows users to access to different studios, know the types of streetdance, meet others for practice, check and register the event uploaded to Diggin'HK.
Terms amendment
We reserve the right to modify or discontinue service without informing users. There is no responsibilities to user or any third party when modify or discontinue the service. We will modify the Terms of Service from time to time, we will inform users once there are any changes. If you wish to continue using the services, you must agree to the amended terms.
User's account and security
Users will bear all the consequences if they do not take good care of their own account and password. In addition, users should be responsible for all activities and events when using the registered account. Users can change the password at any time, they can also delete the current account and create a new one. Users agree to notify us immediately if there is any illegal use of their account or any other breach of security.
Regarding to provide a warranty
We do not guarantee services must be able to meet the user's requirements, nor guarantee the security﹑accuracy﹑not go wrong without interruption. We do not guarantee, including timely delivery ﹑accurately transmit smoothly, and modify the software defects. Users accept and understand ﹑ assume the reliability of any information obtained from us and the risks and responsibilities user mobile phone data loss or damage.
Responsibility for the loss
Users agree not to inquire our companies, partners, managers and employees’ liability for any loss and its consequences caused by, including user against the terms, as well as any resulting infringement of third party intellectual property rights or criminal behavior. Add Comment